• Liebherr 500-Ton All-Terrain Crane

The Veterans Bridge–previously named Milwaukee Bridge–provides access across the Puyallup River in Puyallup, WA, for 10,000 vehicles a day. After standing strong since 1962, 2009年首次公布了对现浇箱梁桥的荷载限制. 2012年,有报告预测,到2022年,这座桥将需要更换或翻新.

作为周边地区渡江的重要通道, 修复桥梁结构完整性的计划已经进行了好几年. Earlier this year, Omega Morgan’s crane services team was called in to provide expert crane lift and placement services for the rehabilitation project.


The contractor awarded the project by the City of Puyallup was looking for a safe and efficient crane company capable of completing the job on a strict timeline. They reached out to Omega Morgan’s Seattle crane services team, with the vital task of installing four massive concrete beam girders to provide essential support to the bridge. With one month to plan the installation, 澳门拉斯平台首页的工作人员开始调查该地区并确定潜在的挑战. 

Installing the concrete support beams would require positioning a heavy-capacity crane on abutments along the riverbank, 有足够的能力将横梁从卡车吊到桥上. This presented a seemingly impossible challenge because the abutments were too far from the bridge for the crane to work from. Nearby power lines also posed potential interference.

After reviewing several possible solutions, our team developed a plan using crane mats to build up the abutments–swiftly solving both problems by bringing the crane closer to the bridge, avoiding the powerlines, and, as a bonus, improving truck access to the site. As our work was imperative to the next segment of construction, accuracy and efficiency were top priorities. 当承包商计划在2021年7月底安装时,Omega Morgan的 crane services crew were ready to get to work.


该团队花了三天时间精心安装了大梁. 澳门拉斯平台首页的工作人员包括一名起重机操作员、一名索具工、一名管理员和四名卡车司机. Day one began with the 欧米茄澳门威斯人平台首页的利勃海尔500吨全地形起重机的运输 to the job site. 然后澳门拉斯平台首页的吊车服务团队用吊车垫搭起桥台, 允许起重机有足够的桥梁通道来安装大梁. The following day, the crew unloaded the four precast concrete girders, each weighing 88,000 pounds and measuring 69’ long by 4’ high by 3’ wide, 并将它们安装在桥的南北两端. The final day of the project involved dismantling the crane, detaching the crane mats from the abutment, 并在工作完成后将设备从施工现场移除.

Our client was extremely pleased with the safe and timely installation of the precast concrete beams and our ability to overcome challenges and accomplish the work according to plan. Omega Morgan is proud to have been a part of the refurbishment of this critical piece of infrastructure.